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Guca Festival

We have been renting rooms and apartments for 20 years in a quiet place in the city center of Guča. Thousands of guests have visited our accommodation and enjoyed the festival or domestic home made organic food in traditional surroundings of Guča and Western Serbia. If you come to Guča, you should stay here and feel the festival in the best way! We offer WiFi Internet, inside or in front of the house, as well.

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The 58th Guča festival will be held from 9th until 12th August, 2018.

For the accommodation availability and prices, please send the booking request to the email:


Wooden dinner set - spoons and bowls

Wooden salt set - Gornje Dragačevo region, Donji Dubac village, 19th Century The biggest salt shaker stays in kitchen. Its purpose is for dinner preparing. The second one is for take away and holding in a bag. There should be a lid which is lost. The third one with an easel is for table and for using during the meal. Wooden spoons - Gornje Dragačevo region, Donji Dubac village, 19th century Wooden spoons - Dragačevo region, Gornja Kravarica village, the first half of 20th century Ceramic and wooden sour cream and cheese bowls - Dragačevo reg...

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